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    Come savor authentically prepared flavorful Indian & Nepalese cuisine to excite your taste buds. The recipes we practice have been passed down through generations and hopefully the variety of served dishes will emanate fond memories of our restaurant. We look forward to you visiting and providing an opportunity for our dedicated staff to serve classic Tandoori clay oven items, traditional curries, vegan and gluten free dishes. “Change is the spice of life” is our motto and we strive to continue introducing the best exciting new creations from the diverse regions of India & Nepal.

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    Our restaurant opened as a family owned dining place in 1989. Our mission was and remains to serve authentic and flavorful Indian food free of preservatives. As part of our evolution, we have introduced unique fusion dishes with exciting flavors. We strive to become the ultimate destination for lovers of Indian cuisine.
    We have succeeded through the support and inspiration provided by guests enjoying their dining experience. Food is a continuous source of inspiration for our executive chef and the kitchen team and remains at the center of their universe. Food excites us for numerous reasons – it allows us to express creativity, explore and experience other cultures besides India & Nepal. Also, food mentally challenges us to balance the complex flavors inherent in Indian cuisine. It is amazing when all the diverse ingredients create a perfect confluence of chemistry in a new dish. Food allows our team to bridge our childhoods in India/Nepal and life in the USA. We constantly strive for success and derive inspiration when guests enjoy their dining experience.
    We remain a family-owned restaurant and our new home is intended to enhance the guest’s dining experience. Please join us to enjoy old favorites and explore new creations by our kitchen team.

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